Purple Dual Vibrating Penis Rings

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The size is perfect to fill the gap between the tip of penis and women’s G-spot.

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Enjoy and buy the best Purple Vibrating Penis Rings Dual Vibrating Stretchy Sex Toys for Adult at cheap price in Bangladesh. Hard, Soft, Stretchy. Made from Metal, Silicone, Rubber & other Body-Safe materials. Enhance your sex life with the Right Ring.

Feature of Purple Dual Vibrating Penis Rings:-

  • It’s vibrating effect can stimulate the pleasure and sensation in lovemaking, aside from contraceptive effect.
  • Vibrator can be used without a condom.
  • For both male and female, or DIY.
  • Vibrator is designed with weak D.C. Vacuum packaging for safe, hygienic, and comfortable use.
  • The vibrator stimulates women’s G-spot to intensity the foreplay and cuddling afterwards.
  • The vibrator can stimulate men’s sexual arousal and prevent impotence and E.D.in long-term use.
  • The size is perfect to fill the gap between the tip of penis and women’s G-spot.
  • Vibrator can be used with condom or alone.

Despite any information provided by the seller, this product is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease. It is not a dietary supplement, it is not a drug, and should not be used for any medical purposes.

How to use:

(Before use):

it can be directly after cleaning, or use the direct use of 1﹪ the new Jieeryin or 75﹪ of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub and smear a small amount of lubricant with condom use better.


can be used directly, can also be freely willing to heating or freezing, if you want to enjoy the warm feeling, crystal glass can be soaked in warm water for 1-5 minutes If You want to be sexy shaking can be crystal glass placed in ice water or refrigerator a few minutes to enjoy.

(After use):

after normal cleaning fluid watered For cleaning of items to place in which, using a soft brush or hand washing, and then rinse with water, to control dry, semi-dry with a soft towel to wipe clean can, without leaving watermarks and fingerprints. Note: Do not water dry and then wipe dry due to the water will leave watermarks, rub must Semi, if you want to make crystal products brighter, then cleaning, place the sun for 2-3 hours to absorb the sunlight after The product is more bright.

Significantly increase female libido, improve reaction speed, increase the endocrine and enhance sexual pleasure, increases the apparent effect of the lumbosacral reflex strength.


    • Type: Vibrating Penis Ring.
    • Fit for: Adult Men’s.
    • Material: Silicone.
    • Color: As the Pictures Show.
    • Inner Bore Diameter: 2cm/0.79″ (Approx.).

Note: The color of the item may differ slightly from the picture due to differences in lighting and screen settings. Product type: Penis Rings.

ভাইব্রেটরটি নিরাপদ, স্বাস্থ্যকর এবং আরামদায়ক ব্যবহারের জন্য দুর্বল ডিসি ভ্যাকুয়াম প্যাকেজিং দিয়ে ডিজাইন করা হয়েছে। এর স্পন্দিত প্রভাব গর্ভনিরোধক। প্রেম-প্রণয়ের মধ্যে আনন্দ এবং সংবেদনকে উদ্দীপিত করতে পারে। পুরুষ এবং মহিলা উভয়ের জন্য

ভাইব্রেটর মহিলাদের জি-স্পটকে ফোরপ্লে এবং পরে আলিঙ্গন করার জন্য উদ্দীপিত করে। ভাইব্রেটর পুরুষদের যৌন উত্তেজনাকে উদ্দীপিত করতে পারে এবং দীর্ঘমেয়াদী ব্যবহারে পুরুষত্বহীনতা এবং ইডি প্রতিরোধ করতে পারে।
পুরুষাঙ্গের ডগা এবং মহিলাদের জি-স্পটের মধ্যে ফাঁক পূরণ করতে উপযুক্ত। ভাইব্রেটর কনডম বা একা ব্যবহার করা যেতে পারে। ভাইব্রেটর কনডম ছাড়া ব্যবহার করা যেতে পারে।

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