Fitness Exercise Yoga Gym Ball

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Get fit with healthy benefits of a fitness exercise yoga gym ball.

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Explore the best Fitness Exercise Yoga Gym Ball at cheap price in Bangladesh.Quick massage therapy with massage balls to release muscles and relax body parts.

An exercise ball can work as a yoga prop to deepen stretches or support your body in difficult poses. A ball is the perfect prop to help you master tricky yoga poses like the advanced arm balance Scorpion.

Directions of Fitness Exercise Yoga Gym Ball:

Do this workout 3 days a week with a day of rest in between each workout. Exercise explanations in 30 Minute.

Workout :

  • Jumping Lunges SUPER-SET Body-weight Squats.
  •  Bosu Ball Straight Leg Dead Lifts SUPER-SET Lying Fitness Ball Leg Curls.
  • Standing Calf Raises SUPER-SET.
  • 3 x 60 seconds Fitness Ball Planks.
  • Bosu Ball Push Ups SUPER-SET Fitness Ball Back Flies.
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls-to-Shoulder Press SUPER-SET Behind the Head Tricep Extension.
  • Lat Pull Down SUPER-SET Standing Lat Pull Through.
  • 3 x 15 Fitness Ball Crunches SUPER-SET Side Planks.
  • Lying Twisting Hip Raises Good luck and enjoy.

In no time you’ll be ready for spring!

  1. Gym Ball.
  2. Durable PVC material.
  3. Burst-resistant Ball.
  4. Anti-burst PVC construction.
  5. Great for any age or fitness level.
  6. Helps develop balance and coordination.

Gym Ball Durable PVC material Burst-resistant Ball Anti-burst PVC construction Great for any age or fitness level Helps develop balance and coordination.

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